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"Nathan is a very reliable and trusted partner. He is always willing to go above and beyond and provide the best in class support. He provides insights into the areas that is beyond the scope of the service being provided by him. The word “No” is not in his dictionary!"

~Shehzad Allahbachayo, PM Nestle Professional

"Nathan is one of the most well rounded humans and marketing/growth specialists I've ever met. He thinks in depth about the business and the respective goals of its constituents (both internally and externally). He's amazing with people, he's a problem solver, growth hacker, incredibly gifted developer (yep he can code), servant leader, and incredible resource manager. I couldn't think of a more well suited individual than Nathan for this prospective position. He will challenge us to be better with each interaction, and only level us up and bring value to the organization and to our customers."

~Waldo Broodryk, CSM Webflow