Location: Missouri (US)

Timezone: CST (UTC -6)

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Nathan Pratt

A passionate, collaborative leader who thrives on building effective teams and efficient processes.

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With a proven track record in IT Infrastructure, DevOps, and Strategic Marketing, I possess extensive expertise in leading and transforming digital marketing and technology teams across diverse industries. My primary drive lies in innovatively disrupting the market, launching and scaling both emerging and established brands, and enhancing product offerings. I bring a wealth of marketing knowledge, a strong focus on fostering efficient team dynamics, and an unwavering commitment to adhering to best practices.

With expertise in crafting targeted and impactful marketing campaigns, I excel in enhancing brand recognition and visibility. My leadership style is characterized by collaboration and innovation, as demonstrated by my track record of successfully unifying large teams to surpass our digital marketing and infrastructure objectives.

Throughout my career, I have gained experience in various roles, ranging from developing startup websites to leading both IT and global marketing teams. This journey has led me to a position that combines full-scale marketing with IT infrastructure leadership, resulting in a truly unique skill set. Leveraging my technical and creative expertise, I am able to drive innovative strategies and deliver exceptional results.


The ability to solve complex problems effectively relies on making sound decisions. This encompasses the capacity to perceive problems from various perspectives.


To articulate key messaging and minimize confusion for customers, clients, and employees. Effective teams need strong communication.


To establish an effective routine that consistently yields positive outcomes, day after day.


To identify with others and understand their points of view. Clients, Customers, and Team members alike.


To understand what needs to be done, be in tuned to what other needs, and be prepared to adjust accordingly when needed.


AAS, Networking Administration

2012- 2014
Ozarks Technical College (OTC)

BS, Business Management

2015- 2017
Evangel University

MS, Organizational Leadership

2017- 2019
Evangel University

Global Marketing Director, IDEO

September 2022 ─ Present

IDEO is a global design company. As early leaders in design thinking for over 40 years, IDEO creates positive impact by taking a human-and planet-centered approach, by applying creative mindsets and skills, and by teaching others to do the same. As Global Marketing Director, my responsibilities are focused on the creation and implementation of IDEO's global marketing strategies. Areas serviced: US, EU, JP, CN, and South America


  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Global Market Expansion - EU, Japan, and China
  • Customer Insights and Analytics
  • Web Property Management & Expansion
  • Event Marketing and Sponsorships
  • Market Research and Competitive Analysis
  • Global Compliance and Legal Considerations

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Founder/CEO, Two Impress

January 2013 ─ Present

Two Impress is a marketing agency that was founded with the mindset of developing and growing startup to medium-sized brands. We went from minimal brand discoveries to fully automated, funnel-centric sales strategies. In just a few short years, To Impress has had the opportunity to work with top brands like Nestle Professional, Nestle Waters, Nescafe, Nespresso, Herschend Family Entertainment, and Tyson. Here are a few examples of our cases:

Nestle Brands

  • Organized and analyzed data and marketing results
  • Curated Specific Keywords and Datasets to create an all encompassing SEO Strategy
  • Researched keywords relevant to key marketing campaigns
  • Developed unique content to improve overall brand presence and product awareness
  • Implemented and managed Infrastructure Security and Patching, CI/CD, and Communications

Herschend Family

  • Designed and Developed a Branding and Promotion Application for Affiliates and Partnerships
  • Increased Brand Presence through targeted SEO campaign datasets
  • Crafted and Managed Brand Content and Messaging
  • Designed Brand Assets and Product Assisted Templates


  • Asana, Atlassian, Basecamp, Wrike, Monday.com, Trello
  • SFMC, Automate.io, Zapier, AutopilotHQ, Hubspot, Marketo
  • Office Suite, Adobe Suite, Zoom, Cisco
  • Webflow, Drupal, Magento, Kajabi, WordPress, Joomla!, KraftCMS, Umbraco
  • Pantheon, WPEngine, AzureCloud, AWS
  • SEMRush, Ahrefs, Google Analytics, GTM
  • Google Ads, Adroll, Facebook Business Manager, Adsense, Hubspot, RevContent

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President, Robbins Nest Media

January 2022 ─ June 2022

As President, my primary function is to lead and support my employees while engaging in client and agency interaction and acquisition. Our marketing agency focuses on strategic digital and print marketing founded on high-end photography, videography, and messaging. We are a full-service marketing agency with a worldwide network of creative talent at our fingertips. This model allows us to partner with clients in any location or time zone and offers top-quality work and extreme flexibility in terms of deadlines, workload, and scalability.

  • Create and Manage Team Effectiveness
  • Establish Sales and Marketing funnels
  • Oversee Budgeting and Client Acquisitions
  • Manage Client Relationships & Reporting
  • Create and Implement Automation and Day-to-day automation

Technology Operations Director, Next Level Solutions

February 2020 ─ January 2022

Next Level Solutions is a software implementation startup that integrates Duck Creek Software. In my role, my main focus was to build and maintain a full-scale internal IT department as well as a client-facing Cloud-based Infrastructure and DevOps team. The internal IT team provided support for employees globally. The Managed Services team supported several Berkshire Hathaway entities with Cybersecurity, Risk and Operation management, and day-to-day optimization of their fully cloud-based infrastructure and devops needs. The Shared Services department controlled $5-10MM ARR and was continuing to expand.

  • Create and Manage Team Effectiveness
  • Establish Infrastructure and ITIL Documentation
  • Establish Departmental Foundation and Org Structure
  • Oversee Budgeting and Client Acquisitions
  • Manage Client Relationships & Reporting
  • Create and Implement Network Architecture and Day-to-day Automated Processes
  • Manage and oversee Infrastructure Security & Stability
  • Implement CRM & Process Management (SAFe, Scrum)


  • Microsoft Azure & AWS
  • Service Now, Atlassian Suite, ZOHO, Zendesk, Salesforce Service Cloud, SFMC, FreshDesk, Azure Automation
  • VMware, Hyper-V, Zscaler
  • Kubernetes
  • Terraform, Ansible, Azure Resource Manager
  • SentinalOne, Capterra, Qaulys

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Director of Marketing, Happy Tax (Company Closure)

October 2019 ─December 2019

I had been with Happy Tax for the last several months of 2019. In that role, I oversaw all marketing campaigns, collateral, optimization, followup, and budgeting. I also had implemented a full scale LMS. The brands that I oversaw were:

  • GetHappyTax
  • Happy Tax
  • Tax Success Suite
  • CryptoTaxPrep
  • CryptoTaxAcademy
  • CannabisTaxAcademy

Why did I transition so quickly? Good Question. I was notified by the CEO in December of 2019 that the company had emptied all financial avenues for operational expenses, of which included my role.

External GS1 Associate / Brand Support, Nestle Professional

October 2018 ─ November 2019

In my previous role, I held a leadership position in Nestle Professional's mission to ensure GS1 compliance across all affiliated brands. I successfully managed a team of contractors responsible for updating internal labels for various Nestle brands and sub-brands. During my tenure, I gained valuable experience with key systems including 1WS, LANSA, DevEx, ContentHub, and Kwikee. Additionally, I played a crucial role in adding and updating products on NestleProfessional.com. Working remotely, effective communication and organization were pivotal in fulfilling my responsibilities.

  • Collect, Photograph, and Create Templated Variations of All Nestle Professional Products
  • Ensure All Product Images and Information Meets GS1 Guidelines for Syndication
  • Create and Implement a Custom Tracking and Reporting Tool
  • Communicate and Collaborate with all the Nestle Professional Brands
  • Communicate and Collaborate with Several Distribution Partners

Web Designer, Evangel University

February 2015 ─ October 2018

In this role, I assumed multiple responsibilities. Alongside being the sole web designer/developer on campus, I also led the efforts in digital marketing, SEO, and email communication. Each department was treated as a distinct client with unique audiences and diverse needs. Effective organization and communication played a pivotal role in successfully achieving the yearly enrollment goals.

Personal Abilities

To maximize productivity and effectiveness regardless of location

With a combination of robust organization, effective communication, and unwavering dedication, I possess the ability to deliver a comprehensive growth strategy that will effectively enhance brand visibility and drive customer acquisition.


The ability to see all variables and obstacles before, during, and after each project or campaign.

Problem Solver

React effectively in order to find the proper resolutions in a timely manner.


Remote or in office, communication is the most important need for an effective team-focused environment.

Work Ethic

Being focused on doing what is needed at the level that is needed.

Loyalty and Persistence

Believing in the brand and pushing it to grow.


Being one the team in order to ensure success of each of its' members.


Leadership & Team Management


Marketing & Infrastructure MGMT


Organization and Communication

Data Analysis & Reporting

Adobe and Office Suite


Remote & Travel Flexible


"Nathan has a strong drive to succeed and help others succeed. His positivity and energy lift up the teams around him and he is a tireless advocate for his clients, staff, and friends. He is a knowledgeable and capable leader in marketing, networking infrastructure, and project management. He is creative, full of ideas, and full of passion."

~Phil Reynolds, CEO of DevStride / Chairman at BriteCore

"Nathan is a very reliable and trusted partner. He is always willing to go above and beyond and provide the best in class support. He provides insights into the areas that is beyond the scope of the service being provided by him. The word “No” is not in his dictionary!"

~Shehzad Allahbachayo, PM Nestle Professional

"Nathan Pratt is a richly versatile business leader who uses personal connections to build effective and loyal teams. He has a passion for leadership and leadership development. Nathan uses his skills to advance the company and advocate for his employees' growth and advancement. He builds strong, effective, and loyal teams that succeed even without his constant direct input. Lastly, Nathan has a broad spectrum of experience, from leadership development, marketing, and advertising, to IT. I believe his broad experience helps him to make more informed decisions in all three of those areas, giving him an advantage over his peers."

~Joe Langford, Director of Technology Operations at Next Level Solutions

"Nathan will be a star on any team and project. Incredibly intelligent, diligent, curious and seasoned, he will always see things through. Nathan has a strong work ethic based on a common-sense, salt-of-the-earth and calm personality. He can work with any dynamic and personality and always keeps the customer’s and consumer’s best interest in mind. Nathan is also humble and open to feedback."

~Naomi Wiesen, Marketing and Brand Strategy Professional

"Nathan is one of the most well rounded humans and marketing/growth specialists I've ever met. He thinks in depth about the business and the respective goals of its constituents (both internally and externally). He's amazing with people, he's a problem solver, growth hacker, incredibly gifted developer (yep he can code), servant leader, and incredible resource manager. I couldn't think of a more well suited individual than Nathan for this prospective position. He will challenge us to be better with each interaction, and only level us up and bring value to the organization and to our customers."

~Waldo Broodryk, CSM Webflow

Nathan Pratt is efficient, creative, resourceful and amazing! The attention to detail and professionalism is second to none.

~Tina Scala, SVP Sales Invoca

What is your College degree?


My college degree is in business and leadership. Most of the marketing knowledge I have, has been taught through experiences and practical application. I was seeking the business and leadership foundation to help me manage people and teams effectively. Throughout the years, I have been able to integrate many of the principals of strong leadership into the teams I lead.


What are your life Goals?


First and foremost, to be an awesome husband to my wife and a good role-model for my kids. Outside of my family, I want to take the knowledge I have been blessed with and share it with others who aspire to do the same. After I have completed my life long journey of personal and business growth, I want to retire and teach graduate level courses to those who aspire to do the same.


What are your Hobbies?


Beyond marketing & IT, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends means the most to me. I also love listening to (and playing) music, traveling to new places, and watching football!