My Idea of Marketing

How do you define marketing? Where does it start? When does it start? Marketing begins when the initial founders of a company sit down to define their mission statement, goals, and performance metrics. Marketing is foundational. Without a good foundation, a company can only mask the issues that it has. I know there are a lot of companies that were founded on a good idea with a solid amount of goals, but sitting down and writing your mission, goals, and performance metrics sets the foundation of who you are as a business. After that, what’s next? Easy, know what you want your business to actually accomplish. Don’t say, “I want to gross a million dollars in the first year.” But in turn say, “I want to help 445 customers within the first six months.” Hire a professional that can increase your exposure! You need to be worrying about doing what you do best.

Get someone else that knows how to be efficient and effective. When hiring a “marketing” expert, the first thing they should ask is, how and why was the business started in the beginning? What was the mission? What is the mission? What’s changed in the last (X) amount of years. Are you catching my redundancy yet? MISSION. GOALS. METRICS.


Why is this important? Without knowing the history or the “root” of the business, a true marketer is only going off of a gut feeling. Don’t make me guess. In all the years that I have been in the marketing realm, I have yet to gain the ability to read a clients mind. Some would say this is unfortunate but for me it reminds me that I have to ask lots of questions. I have to be invested in the client that I am working with. I have to become an employee, an investor, a client, a customer, a friend, and even a competitor. The more knowledge I have about the company I am working with, the more I can actually help them.


Most importantly, marketing is not about money. Hear me when I say, marketing is not about money but it does COST money. Just like how a business isn’t about money, marketing is intended to help a business grow in all areas possible. So, if a business isn’t about money, what is it for? GOOD QUESTION. A business is about performing a service or selling a product that can genuinely help improve someone’s quality of life. We want the business to make money but that is just an added bonus. This goes back to the importance of a true mission statement. It is also important to know who your client or customer really is. Learn the business, learn to reason, and know the why. Lets. Get. Cracking.