My Idea of Coaching


I know what you are thinking. Why would I hire someone to come into my office and tell me how to run my staff? I get it. It doesn’t sound like the optimal solution for fixing an internal issue. However, I don’t perform executive coaching in order to tell administrators how to be an administrator. I help them lead their team in a more effective and efficient way. You’re going to know your business better than I will but you may not know your team as well as you think. Most of the time, the barrier that stands between administration and their team is communication.


The number one issue I hear when asking a team why they feel ineffective at work is because of the lack of clear communication. Poor communication kills productivity. Generally, poor communication invokes a lack of trust. In order to maintain a healthy level of trust within a group, there has to be an open outlet for verbal and physical communication. There are many ways to remedy an unbalance within a team. Find out how.


The question I have is, what do you have to lose? Don’t let status and pride prevent you from being a Level 5 leader. It’s important to know that coaching and consulting are ways of education. We read books and follow people we look up to on social media. The only difference is, I will meet you face to face.