Business Marketing is Discipline.

The only way to truly grow a business is to have some level of marketing. I know it. You know it. Most of all, your competitors know it. So, why is finding the right formula so hard? The truth is, it's not. I'll tell you why...

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My Idea of Coaching

I know what you are thinking. Why would I hire someone to come into my office and tell me how to run my staff? I get it. It doesn’t sound like the optimal solution for fixing an internal issue. However, I don’t perform executive coaching in order to tell administrators how to be an administrator.

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My Idea of Marketing

How do you define marketing? Where does it start? When does it start? Marketing begins when the initial founders of a company sit down to define their mission statement, goals, and performance metrics. Marketing is foundational. Without a good foundation, a company can only mask the issues that it has.

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