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Strategic Planning

I know you are super busy. That's why I have a 3 step marketing campaign creation plan that requires limited amount of company time but offers plenty of marketing resource

As Easy As 1...2...3...

1. Set the overall campaign goal.
2. Develop the required marketing collateral
3. Plan, execute, and achieve.

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Structured Meetings

It's important to use our time wisely. I know that and you know that.

Following the plan...

Depending on the type of meeting, I have a specific itinerary that serves as a time management guide. Meetings can go long, but I'd rather them go well.

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Personal Touch

I know you've worked hard to get to where you are now. Your ideas matter. Listen. Brainstorm. Create. Implement.

Staying Involved

It's important for me to see the historical data as well as the future plans and goals. I can not get the scope of the organizational vision without your help.

It’s All AboutProper Planning

  • Connector.

    Research Marketing & Brainstorm

    Meet, Research, Brainstorm, and go to work.

  • Connector.

    Implement Strategic Campaigns

    Time to let the work, work.

  • Connector.

    Monitor Analytics

    Celebrate the success, build on the failures.

Meet MeNathan Pratt

I am married with 3 beautiful children. I am a proud follower of Jesus Christ and my faith is rooted in the plan that He has for my life. Without God, i don’t know where my life would be today.

A quick background on me, I have over a decade of experience with business level consulting, marketing, and information systems integration. My personal favorite “task” is executive coaching and teaching teams to communicate, coordinate, and collaborate more efficiently.

Meet Me

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The mouth of righteousness comes from the relationship with Jesus Christ. #JesusChrist
@Stew_Pratt, "three things to a communicator, a role model, and a problem solver" @harrisongoblins #WeAreOne #WeAreGoblins
Sometimes the greatest way to “tell” our testimony of God’s work is to show it. Actions are more than words. #Jesus #Forgiven #Grace
Dear God, You plus nothing equals my everything. Thank you for loving me. #JesusSaves #MySaviorSavedMe #Forgiven #Loved #MyWholeHeart
If you’re all directive and no supportive, you’re doing it wrong. Be there for your team even if it’s uncomfortable. #leadership #leader
"..even sinners love those who love them." Jesus says to love our enemies. It's not easy but it's our call. #gospel #JesusSaves
Are you transactional or relational? Do you tell or do you show? #leadership #coaching #consulting
#Leadership doesn't happen overnight. Most #leaders give up before they are able to effectively establish themselves. Give it time. #Coach

Our ClientsLove Our Service

Nathan took our Medical Practice from a low end clinic to a high functioning full service office. We’re grateful for his hard work.Addison Mckinney, Office Manager for MFM
Addison Mckinney | Manzer Family Medicine

The methods that Nathan uses makes marketing look easy. In just 2 months we have seen a 35% ROI.Archie Thompson, Springfield Branson Realty
Archie Thompson | Springfield Branson Realty